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Mature content
Games (uu LEMON) :icondanuavalonartemis:DanuAvalonArtemis 167 126
Pain tears (LINK) by MiyajimaMizy Pain tears (LINK) :iconmiyajimamizy:MiyajimaMizy 1,033 124 Pain tears 2 (?) by MiyajimaMizy Pain tears 2 (?) :iconmiyajimamizy:MiyajimaMizy 714 68
What is... Moirallegiance?
"What is... Moirallegiance?" He sighed. "This one's a little harder for you humans to understand than Matespritship. Egbert didn't get if for a fucking week." You giggled at that. He smirked. "Alright, ya ready?" You nodded. "Okay. Moirallegiance is a type of guardianship. You humans think of it as siblings. But, to us, its a type a romance." You raised an eyebrow. "So, its like incest?" He glared. "No. You're not related to your moirail. ...Well.... humans maybe, but trolls aren't related." You nodded. "Moirallegiance is more than just the platonic relationship you have with your moirail, its about keeping your moirail in line and making sure they don't flip their fucking lids." "Like you do with Gamzee?" He nodded. "Or how Nepeta keeps Equius from going on rampages." You hmm'd in understanding. "Moirallegiance is one of the conciliatory relationships, the other being auspistice. Moirallegiance is a pale feeling." "Pale?" He raised an eyebrow. "Like... how you feel pale for your famil
:icondanuavalonartemis:DanuAvalonArtemis 95 30
Hot Summer, Cold Vantas- Karkat x Reader
   It was hot and it was summer. You, despite being born in the south, hated the heat with all your might. Heat was a horrible thing, it was hot, sticky, and humid. Gross and disgusting in your book. What’s worse is that you’re on an alien planet and you didn’t know how hot the temperatures could get. Right now it was about eighty-five degrees, but to you- whose body was severely sensitive to heat- it was like one hundred degrees. Your face was bright red and you were panting.
 “Dear lord God, please help me!” you yelled up at the sky and suddenly got an idea. You had forgotten that the trolls body temperature were about ten degrees lower than that of a humans, what’s better is that the Vantas’ body temperatures were about twenty degrees lower than that of a normal troll, thus the reason why they all wore sweaters. You smiled and started to make your way to Karkat’s hive, preparing yourself for the heat in the said hive. Se
:icongoldenrainfalling:goldenrainfalling 444 458
Attraction (Karkat!Reader)
WARNING: there IS some strong language! But seeing how it is Karkat I doubt a mature content warning is needed. So if you don't like strong language THEN GO AWAY! (besides, if you don't like cursing why'd you read homestuck anyways?
          You are a human female who’s sixteen years old. You’re friend Dave has invited you to a small house party he’s having with some of his other friends. You’ve been pretty good friends with Dave since grade school and you live on the same street, albeit opposite ends of the same street.
          It’s a little unnerving meeting his friends. I mean, you know what they are, but not who they are. At least you won’t be the only human there. Dave also invited his other friend John Egbert. Wonder what trolls are like. Are they like the stereotypical under-the-bridge kind of troll? How tall are they? What do they eat?
These questions bounce around your brain, the
:icontodd-the-foxx:Todd-the-Foxx 142 54
Sleeping with the Cat
((They have human stuff. bare with me on this))
Karkat X reader
There he goes again. Raging at the screen while playing against Captor. "DUDE YOU JUST FUCKING KILLED ME! WHAT THE HELL?!" Karkat been killed most of the time. Why would he even play? You sat on the middle of the bed on your phone while Karkat sat of the edge playing his video games shouting. You already knew how to play and you beaten Sollux once or twice. It wasn't hard at all to be honest. He made excuses like "I wathn't watching." or "I didn't know." It didn't bother you. He was smarter than any of the trolls. "Hey, karky. Could i play?" He turned at you and gave you a 'WTF' face. "SURE. IF YOU WANT TO DIE." You took the controller and sat next to Karkat playing. As soon as the game started, you were punching the buttons faster than Sollux can code. You already shot 10 playing within 5 minutes. Karkat's eyes widened. Had a girl beaten this game with out manery? Possibly her of course. He stared at you before s
:iconpikapika9951:Pikapika9951 57 96
Grub Handler: Karkat Vantas
The bright red Grub hissed at you agnrily. "Karkat?! What happened to you?!" You didn't expect an answer, of course. He just hissed at you again. You reached for him with one hand, but he bit your finger. "OW!" You pulled your finger back, putting it in your mouth and sucking the blood off. You glared down at him, making him glare back. 'Even as a Grub he's grumpy.' You picked him up quickly, holding up at eye level. He squealed and thrashed, dropping from your grip and falling on the floor. You watched as he climbed back up into the basket, glaring out at you from under the blanket. "Alright. Ya wanna be like that? Fine." You got up, and walked into the kitchen.
You started making yourself some lunch, while cutting up some food for Karkat. You walked back into the living room and put the plate of food in front of the basket. You walked up the stairs and into your's, and Karkat's, room. You grabbed [Favorite book] and headed back down the stairs. You lied down on the couch, opening you
:icondanuavalonartemis:DanuAvalonArtemis 582 48
Grub Handler: Tavros Nitram
You stared at the Grub, who looked up at you. "Tavros?" He squeaked. Your mouth dropped open. 'WHAT. THE. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF-' You sighed. Your eye twitched as you both had a little staring contest. Tavros blinked first, hiccuping a little. "Aww...!" You giggled. He wriggled in your hold, dropping to your lap. He crawled around the couch, his large horns hitting the back a lot. 'How can something so small carry... those?!' You stared at his horns in wonder. He started climbing off of the couch, but fell halfway down. "Tavros?!" You gasped. He almost landed on his head, but was stopped by his horns. Oh dear Lord you nearly laughed. He started squirming and thrashing, trying to get the tips of his horns unstuck. You snickered, pulling the poor Grub off of the floor. He squeaked, as if thanking you, as you put him on the ground.
Tavros' phone buzzed while he was inspecting one of his plushies. You picked up the phone.
--arachnidsGrip [AG] began Trolling adiosToreador [AT]--
AG: Heeeeeeeey
:icondanuavalonartemis:DanuAvalonArtemis 451 108
Grub Handler: Sollux Captor
"Thqueak!" You puffed your cheeks out, eyes wide. (A/N: Seriously, I do that when I get shocked. XD It looks funny.) You, slowly, released the air from your mouth, making the Grub laugh. "S-Sollux?" You pressed your lips into a line. 'Okay... Sollux has been turned into a baby... WTF. I CAN'T TAKE CARE OF A CHILD!' You mentally cried to yourself, doing a facepalm. Sollux squeaked in questioning, climbing to your shoulder. He must've sensed your frustration and unease, because he started nuzzling into your neck. You giggled, plucking him off of your shouler and holding him at eye level. "You're just adorable, aren't you? ...More adorable than your grownself, that's for sure..." You mumbled the last part. Sollux squealed, so you put him on the floor. You watched the mustard-colored Grub crawl around his hive, examining everything. You smiled, never having seen something so adorable come from Sollux.
You computer beeped loudly, making both you and Sollux jump. You groaned. "Oh yeah. That
:icondanuavalonartemis:DanuAvalonArtemis 624 153
Grub Handler: Gamzee Makara
You watched the indigo grub crawl across your lap. "Honk honk!" He put his front legs on your stomach, and looked up at you. "Gamzee...?" He honked again, as if saying it was him. You picked up the Grub, and smiled. He was so adorable! "Well... aren't you just the cutest little thing~!" You pecked him on the head, making him squeak in delight. You put him on your lap, and he slwoly made his way to the floor. He raced toward an empty, over-turned, Faygo bottle. "Honk!" He grabbed the bottle with all six legs, and rolled over onto his back, playing with the bottle. You quickly grabbed your phone, and started recording the scene in front of you. 'He's so cute!' You mentally squealed, smiling ear-to-ear. He dropped the faygo bottle, and tried to roll over to get it. "Honk... honk! Honk! Scree!" He thrashed around, trying to get back up. You put your phone away, giggling. "Did... did ya get stuck, hun?" You laughed, putting him rightside up. He squealed in thanks, and waddled to the leftove
:icondanuavalonartemis:DanuAvalonArtemis 749 159
Grub Handler
You were sitting at home, waiting for [Favorite Troll/Matesprit] to get home. He/She said they had something important to do. "Geez, how long is it gonna take...?" You sighed to yourself, and started heading for the door.
When you opened the door, you heard squeaking and squealing. "Huh?" You looked around and noticed a basket at your feet. "What the...?" You brought the basket inside, and put it on the table. You slowly removed the blanket, and something jumped out at you. "...OH MY GOD!" Your [Favorite Troll/Matesprit] had been turned into a grub! "Oh no...!"
(A/N: Choose the troll you want in the Desc.)
:icondanuavalonartemis:DanuAvalonArtemis 425 71
Grub Handler: Terezi Pyrope
"Hehe Scree!" "Terezi?" She just laughed again, wriggling around on your lap. 'This is... what...THE HELL?!' The Grub jumped down from your lap, and ran towards one of the many scalemates in her hive. She leaped onto it, schreeching as she bounced. You chuckled as you watched her. '...Oh yeah! When she was Grub, she could see!' You thought, looking at her eyes. You had noticed they were a normal color. Well... normal for Trolls. She looked up, feeling your eyes on her. She squeaked at you cutely, making you smile. As she waddled back towards you, she noticed a drawing on the floor. It was an outline of a scalemate, left over from one of your guys' RPs, and it was red. She sniffed it, then licked the chalk line. Your smile hardened. "Oh no..." Terezi laughed as he licked the chalk.
Once she was finished licking the floor clean- which made you a little disgusted- she waddled over to you. She crawled into your lap, and screed, reaching up with her front legs. You picked her up and held he
:icondanuavalonartemis:DanuAvalonArtemis 226 45
Reader x Terezi: OTP
“I’m not so sure about this…” you whined, staring at the text message on your phone from Nepeta. She sent you a picture of her shipping wall, where you were with Terezi, and labeled as an “OTP” of hers. You weren’t really used to Terezi, much less were you used to Nepeta shipping everything in sight. Yet you had to trust the crazy cat girl, telling you to wear red and bring a pack of red chalk as a gift to the blind one. You put your phone on mirror mode and scanned yourself, everything looked fine. Nervously, you knocked on her door and swayed back and forth until you heard her voice.
“Come on in!” a small wave of relief washed over you and you walked in her hive, smiling shyly. “Oh waaait, I smell red!” Terezi laughed, walking straight at you. “Youre wearing red, aren’t you ____?” she smirked.
“Yup!” you chuckled.
“Well I bet it looks great.” She nodded and sat down on one of
:iconcosmeows:Cosmeows 200 68
Mature content
Terezi x reader: R3D :iconmisscheeseycake:misscheeseycake 66 57
Scandalous Fanfiction.
You and Dirk were watching tv when his computer beeped. "[Name], can you answer it? I don't wanna get up." You scoffed at your otaku friend. "Lazy." "Thank you." He smirked. You laughed and went to his computer. 'undyingUmbrage? Who's that?' You shrugged and answered the dude.
-- undyingUmbrage [uu] began jeering timaeusTestified [TT] at 12: 17 pm --
uu: DIRK.
TT: Lol I'm not Dirk, bro. XD
uu: WHAT?
TT: I'm his friend [Name].
TT: Sitting on his ass and being lazy. :I Why?
You stared at the screen. "Hey, Dirk?" You called to him. "Yeah?" "Who's undyingUmbrage and why does he want to play a game?" He groaned and came to you. "Oh God, not this guy. Just... go along with it, alright? The stuff he asks for is pretty tame." You were confused but nodded.
TT: Alright, Umbrage. What game?
:icondanuavalonartemis:DanuAvalonArtemis 128 85



United States
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Little Sibling: Romano (Hi~ Here's a tomato! *gives the tomato*)

Older Sibling: Latvia (Don't worry I will protect you!)

Best Friend: Hungary (Yes! Yaoi Buddies~)

Lover: Turkey (Ok...)

Cousin: Liechtenstein (Yay!)

Enemy: Ukraine (Whaaa? Mama!)

Hero: Liechtenstein (......)

Future spouse: Hong Kong (Yesssss! *Hugs him*)

Stalker: Turkey (Oh God...)
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